Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 14)

Essie looked almost exactly like me. We could have been twins, or at least sisters. However, she looked about a year or so younger than me, and her clothes looked like they were from some decades back. She wore a long flowing skirt and a peasant blouse. Her face glowed with radience. Seeing Essie was like looking into a mirror. I was afraid that she was a ghost, since I knew she was technically a product of my imagination. Somehow, I managed to push that thought aside and say hello. “I am so pleased to meet you at last,” she said, extending her hand. My throat was dry. I couldn’t speak at first. “I never knew you were truly real,” I began, in disbelief. “I live inside of you, just as Seth and Sam live inside of BernerO. I reside in your dreams, and you propel my dreams. We are so much alike, because we are so similar in essence. Though sometimes my story writes itself, without you, it would have no origin,” Essie explained. Her eloquence and kindness amazed me, but at the same time, I knew of it all along.

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