The Waitress

It seems so cute. Great looking guy comes back to crappy restaurant to eat crappy food just so he can see the hot waitress. It’s happened to me before, but usually the guy is more of a disgusting trucker than he is great looking.
If only it were that simple. If only when we first spoke he had not uttered those deadly words. Rainbow Springs. Even that town name sounds cute to someone who doesn’t know. Someone like him. But just the name calls to mind all that I suffered, and what I did to break free from it. What he sees as something delightfully in common I see as a death sentence.
So today I am determined to get rid of him. Of course I can’t make him disappear from this town the way I did from Rainbow Springs. But I can make him disappear from my life. The same way I’ve made almost everyone disappear.
“Hey, Jewel.” He says as he sits down at his usual table. I don’t hesitate with small talk. I dive right in.

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