Accursed Trouble

“You… you survived?!” I cried in disbelief. Lily clutched to Ezra.
“Obviously, Caster.”
“What do you want?” Ezra barked, his voice cracking. “If you think you can bring back the Secretists, you’re wrong! Dead wrong!”
The Premiere’s face fell slightly. “I know that all too well.”
Well, at least he admitted it.
“If you know it,” Lily demanded, “why the hell are you bothering us?!”
“Oh, Lily, if only you knew what trouble you three cost me,” he hissed, his eyes dangerously narrow.
“Trouble? You & the Secretists made trouble for the whole frickin’ world!” I thundered.
“I know, I know.” He paused a moment, surveying the metal in his hand. “Ms. Lily here’s been big on propositions since I’ve met her. I decided to follow up with one myself.”
I really didn’t like the tone in his voice.
“I’ll dismiss everyone, step down, disband the Secretist party.”
“What’s the catch?”
He took a deep breath. “I’ll take away your trouble, if I can take away my trouble.”
I was stunned.
“No! You… you can’t!”

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