Black flash white...Black flash white..I am awake(manwhore series)

I got ready for the mall.

I was going to carpull with Lark, Gabbi, Leilani, and Everard.

We got to the mall at around 1 and raided every single shop…Shane and Kieren weren’t going to be here until 3.

Me and Leilani looked through every single store to find the sluttiest dresses possible..I was bored..and I hated I made it entertaining for myself…

We tried on so many that I lost track of the slutties one..but I guess it was fun..

Then Shane and Kieren came….

“ and Kieren got to do some ‘man-shopping’” Shane said, He was probably going to get something for Bailey.

“Uh, okay, we’ll see you later” I said.

After a while, we all met up and Kieren and Lark obviosly detached from the group..for their “fun time”

And I was so so so happy for her..

“Hey, Peyton…look what I got Bailey!” Shane said.

It was a necklace with a cross with 3 small diamonds inlaid in the middle..god damn..he spent $90 on her.

“Don’t show her the price tag, she’ll spaz.

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