Blessed Finis

The Premiere hastily made a resignation & disbanding speech, then disappeared without a trace. Last I heard, Henry was a janitor in the Swedish Embassy. I don’t think he ever quite forgave himself for what he did.

I helped to restore the Secretist world to normal, to global celebration. Waves of people insisted I take over the top spot, but I declined. What one person wants all that pressure? Finally, I gave in & became an aide to the Canadian Prime Minister.

I was proud at what I’d helped to accomplish, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I had in my gut: they were gone.

We’d gained the world’s freedom, but at a huge cost.

I turned to the small ceramic statue of Patrick & the twins I’d had made from a photograph I’d found.

I smiled, bittersweet sentiments nipping me. I tipped my battered hat to them.

To their memories.

To their loyalty.

To their sacrifice.

I clutched Lily’s necklace around my throat.

It didn’t leave her, no matter what.

They wouldn’t leave me.

No matter what.

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