Dare for distance(manwhore series)

“Haha Okay,” Shane replied.

There as an awkward silence I broke it..

“Hey my hands are so hot..” I randomly said.

“Ya, what about the rest of your body?” Shane murmured.

“Shut up, I now agree with Leilani, you are ugly..” I said hurt..

“Haha, You know I was just kidding!” Shane teased.

Lark and Kieren were still gone, so me and Leilani continued playing our game…find the sluttiest dress, if was a great pass time because I honestly did not like shopping..

It was 4:30 when Shane and David had to leave, then I got kind of relieved, but then my heart started pounding harder and harder, faster and faster, burning and hurting..Aydan..please come back..

But at the same time, I loved him even more because of the distance put between us..

I was convinced of something..
I wanted to say something to Shane right this moment..


Why couldn’t he just give it a rest..Im running out of words to say to you, wondering why Im wasting my time

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