Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 15)

I had almost forgotton Casimir, who was standing behind Essie. When I finally looked at him, my heart fluttered and I blushed. It was the same thing that happened every time I saw a cute boy. Except this time, I knew the soul and story behind the face – after all, I had taken part in writing it. That made my heart beat all the more louder, and my face feel all the more redder. Nevertheless, it was in a good way. Evidently, Essie and I had the same taste in guys. Casimir was exactly the handsome boy that I had envisioned. He was thin, but his figure somehow looked different than Seth or Sam. His hair was a lightish brown, but he had dark natural highlights. And Casimir’s eyes…oh, his eyes. They were big and beautiful, but I still couldn’t name the color. Ironically, though appropriatly fitting, I felt as if I were residing in a dream. Or that dreams were residing all around me. At the moment, I couldn’t tell which.

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