Now conversations spark, easy way to break the ice(manwhore series)

The next day quicly came and I went through it even quicker..

I got home and went on to aim..
Everard was I decided to talk to himI decided to sign on aim and talk to some people.After a while he said

Thatoneirishkd:Oh my god!
Thatoneirishkd:Shane is gonna dump Bailey, don’t tell anyone
Thnks4themmrs:P Wtf!
Thatoneirishkd:Ya I know
Thnks4themmrs:P:But she’s so happy..and she really likes him..and he just spent like 90 bucks on her!
Thnks4themmrs:P: When did he tell you?
Thnks4themmrs:P: Why
Thnks4themmrs:P: Ugh
Thnks4themmrs:P: Ahh
Thatoneirishkd:Today at like 5:40 ish..
Thnks4themmrs:P: What for!
Thatoneirishkd:Like..he liked some other girls..Kacey and Alison
Thnks4themmrs:P: Woah, there waaaaaaay out of his league
Thatoneirishkd:Ya I know
Thnks4themmrs:P: So what did you say
Thatoneirishkd:I was speechless
Thnks4themmrs:P: Ya , I think I am now too.
Thatoneirishkd:Sorry peyton..gtg..cya
Thnks4themmrs:P: Kk:)

I had to talk to Lark about this.

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