We are the cancer, we are the virus(manwhore series)

And luckily Lark was on..but I couldn’t betray Everard’s trust so I asked her.
At this current moment in time..her screen name made sense to me..

Thnks4themmrs:P:What would you say if I told you Shane was gonna dump Bailey?
ShotgunnWeddng: i thought you werent supposed to tell me
Thnks4themmrs:P:: Just a question
ShotgunnWeddng: oh alright.. hmm.. i have gained experience in controling my anger
Thnks4mmrs:P: what made youu angry
ShotgunnWeddng: so i guess i would say ‘stupid fishies’
Thnks4mmrs:P: ???
ShotgunnWeddng: what would make me angry would be Shane dumping Bailey, cuz im pretty sure it would be like for some shallow reason..
ShotgunnWeddng: and yes, thats wut i would say
ShotgunnWeddng: ‘stupid fishies’
ShotgunnWeddng: you can quote me

hmm…fishes..oh..I get it! Lark was like that..

I had to sign off and I started reading

It was Sylvia Plath’s poetry
She committed sucide because of her relationships with her husband or her father..

Relationships can really kill huh?

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