Where is the Good in Good-Bye?

For those of you can tell me where the title is from kudos to you! (Except you, Emily!!)

This is just my good-bye to all my fellow ficleteers and a chance to publish my new pact. I was devastated when I heard the fateful news: Ficlets is closing. I still can’t grasp the concept. Ficlets, gone? Unthinkable. I’ll miss you all and hope that somehow some miracle will occur to save our beloved home. I’ll be the one wishing for it on every 11:11.

And now for my pact. I am going to write at least one ficlet every day until the closing of Ficlets. At least one a day. And if I miss a day I will happily accept any scolding you see fit. I haven’t been the most avid ficleteer lately and I’m seeing to change that.

Thank you and I’ll miss everyone when that dreaded day comes.

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