When Im miles away, will you still check on me?(manwhore series)

Around 8:00 I received a text…ugh..I already went over..

It was from Shane..what now?

Hey,the thing dat I wnted to tel u is tht I was thnkin bout brekin up w/ bailey, and I am now


But wow..this fast? I tried to act nonchalant. But wait!..This was it…it wasn’t wasn’t me who he was talking about when he told me his so called was Bailey all along…

So I texted back.

why are u telling me now? Y couldn’t u tell me on the 20th? I get txtin back..:( to me 2morow..ily cya:)

Close enough…I was still ..I don’t know what I was supposed to feel because I didn’t feel anything.

I didn’t want to

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