I'll be your sunset, if you'll be my silhoutte(manwhore series)

The next day I told Lark about the text and she said “stupid fishiesâ€? again..

“Does that mean his shallow a fish in shallow water..or is this something …â€?normalâ€? for you?â€? I asked.

“Peyton…Kieren told me what Shane said, he said ‘It’s been 8 weeks and Im done eating this fish’, Like..theres more fish in the seaâ€? I said every curse word none to man in under 1 minute…

We got to school and I only had 3rd block with him. I tried to make him change his mind..but the only things I remember him saying to me was “ I have a lot of reasons of why I broke up with her, 2 months is too long, I like other girls, I have Alison, Im kinda bored now……â€?

But he also said something that surprised me, Shane said “I don’t want to start loving her so much that I break downâ€? That was kind of…well..unexpected, he didn’t want to get hurt..but was it not worth taking the chance? To never know what a heartbreak or first love feels like?

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