I know that I can't be concerned but your still in my life(manwhore series)

Bailey was in my 4th block and I was given to the duty of asking her what she would say or do if Shane broke up with her..given to me by Shane himself. Of course I told Shane that Bailey probably already knew.

So I went to 4th block and saw her face, yep she knew. “So..what would you do..persay, if he broke up with you?â€? I asked to get it overwith.
“I already heard..Id tell him to go fuck off….asshole..and this is the SECOND time…I cant believe it…this always happens to me..Alison!??!!!â€? Bailey said. I felt so angry at Shane right then.

We watched at movie in Health, P.E didn’t start for another couple weeks.

She just stayed quiet, I knew she would crack and explode at home. She was trying so hard to hold it in.

I didn’t have the guts to tell Shane so I didn’t meet him at the end of the day.

Bailey was so crushed..I was stil lthinking of my conversation with Shane, he seemed so honest with me, and I liked that. It felt like he needed me, and maybe thats what I craved..

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