Darlin where you going it's so cold outside(manwhore series)

“Tomorrow..â€? He answered softly

“shane! You just broke’re not even going to wait! Why don’t you try staying with someone….thats what I want to do..and I know you think Im optimistic but..still…seriously?â€?

“Ya..what?â€? He said.

“Nothing Shane..nothing..just go do what you want..k? Its your life …:â€? I said hopelessly

I just couldn’t get had he become this way? He was the sweetest guy ever 2 years ago. Now he had become this horrible player who played with girl’s emotions like candy hearts..

Sometimes I think it would be good for him to have someone do that to him.

But maybe that would make him doubt relationships even more. I don’t know anymore. I had a grip on everything..but now..nothing

I had to go do my homework and then went straight to bed..anticpating the events tomorrow…oh god.he did it…poor Bailey..

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