I'll be the question, you be the answer(manwhore series)

The next day came and Bailey was in my first block that day..She had red puffy eyes and for once, she wasn’t wearing eyeliner..bad sign.

“Hey..â€? I hugged her.â€?

That whole block…we did nothing but make fun of Shane and what a douche is made her laugh

“God..I feel like kicking him the balls! He dumped me for no good reason!â€? Bailey said agitated,
“You could try..Bailey, but then you have to ask yourself..What balls?â€? I said.

She tried so hard to forget about it..but we had the third block with him, she didn’t even want to see his face.

At the end of the block, Bailey passed a note to Shane…oh no..don’t do this to yourself..he’s not worth it I thought.

I had next block with Bailey so I asked her what the note was about.

“I didn’t do it, he started it..well actually he gave Kieren the note to give to me..he said he wanted to be friend”

“OH..yes..haha..sorry..what’d you say?”
“I said that if he couldn’t even bare to look at me then don’t count on it..”

“Nice” Me and Luna said.

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