Watch Those Eyes That Glow In Flames (manwhore series)

I finally made up my mind, and headed towards Shane.
Deep breath.

Just as I started to move, Lark and Keiren took a little break, and I could see Lark glaring at Shane. Her eyes were full of contempt, but Shane seemed unperturbed. He even laughed a little.

I tried to move past a group of people, so I could try and stop Lark from causing any potential damage, but suddenly, everything got quiet. Or atleast in my mind it did.

Shane started to speak, in a low, casual voice. “You know Lark, you are very lucky to have someone like Kieren. Someone not like -“

“You?” Lark rudely cut him off.

“No, I was gonna say someone not like Coakley.” He said with a snicker.

Lark gasped. Her whole body started to tremble as her hands flew to her stomach. She took a few steps back, bumping into me.

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