Complications and Fears and....drooling?

“It’s complicated.” I groaned. This Joel guy somehow has managed to convince me to sit in a McDonald’s and tell my life story while Liam happily plays along with other kids in the playground. It must be his eyes; I melt just by looking in them.

“Nonsense, you can tell me.” His eyes were filled with such sincerity.

“But…but it’s complicated.”

“And I told you. I have nowhere to go.” He stared at me straight in the eyes and I melted again. “This isn’t really something to discuss while at McDonald’s.” I glanced nervously around for fear a neighbor might not be too far away.

Joel shrugged, “Fine by me. You can come over to my house. I’m a pretty good cook.” He looked at his feet and blushed. Aww, he blushed, I thought. But my face hardened, “Come over to your house?”

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything to you. I’m just curious to see what’s behind those eyes of yours. I sense there’s a fascinating story.”

Joel has no idea does he?

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