We're taking everything for granted, replacing them with heavy hearts(manwhore series)

After a couple hours, she was ready to see visitors.

I stepped in the room, my eyes burning and my hair haggard.

I couldn’t even cry, everything was happening at once, I couldn’t cry, I wasn’t able too

I sat next to her, her arms were stuck with 3 different tubes that ran to her face.

“hey sunshine”I said.

“Hey Pey” Lark said, almost inaudible.”wait, where’s Kieren?”

“Uh..I told him he couldnt’ come..I didn’t think you wanted him to know like this.” I pointed to her tubes

“Thanks” For once, she kept her mouth shut, she didn’t want to think about anything..but after a while, I knew she was thinking..she said one word.

“Emancipation” Lark stated..she meant from her parents..

“Uh..Lark?don’t you think they’re gonna want to know why?”

“Ya, but I just gotta face it.”

“Want help?”

“No, its something I got to do alone, besides, if they make me tip, it won’t be good for my child, they don’t know yet if its a boy or a girl…but I got some names ready” She sounded happy


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