Is That Too Much to Ask?

I don’t have time to breathe anymore,
So I feel.
“This is the most important thing,”
They all say,
This is your top priority.”

Well, it’s kind of hard to have seventy-two top priorities.
Wouldn’t you agree?

I love the pursuit of knowledge,
and I can definatitly work hard.
But everybody needs some time to oneself.
Is that too much to ask?

Six hours of education.
Two hours with the ivories,
at least.
At least two for all the work
they set to us.

I want to keep my work up, yes,
But sometimes I just want to compress
that non-existant “pause time” button.

I need just a bit more time
I need just a bit of “me” time.
With everything else I do,
Is that too much to ask?

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