The Word

Trey and Holly didn’t do anything after getting back to the room. All they did was pushing their beds next to each other but no one was “getting busyâ€?. Trey was, sweet of him, afraid to hurt her … again.

Either he was starting to really care about her or he felt bad. Or he was just being a guy, hoping to get some action. Hopefully, the last two assumptions were wrong though.

“Why did you do it?â€? Holly asked him in the late night hours. They had been laying together, talking about everything from school all the way back to that one night in the woods.

“I don’t even know.â€? Trey whispered. He was stroking her hair as her head lay in his lap.


“I needed … power. Somewhat. I just had to make sure what was happening to me was real and not just my thoughts screwing with me.â€?

“So you raped me.â€?

“Would you stop saying the word?â€?


“No, I’m sorry.â€? He sighed, running his fingers through her hair again and again.

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