The HUGONOT Product!!! (WITRSFTBYTC Challenge)

Have you ever had trouble with constantly being hugged by ugly aunts with chin hairs?! WELL , ladies and gents! Let me introduce you to the… HUGONOT !

This wonderful product is so easy to use you could do it anywhere! All you need to operate is a tub with 83.84 degree farenheit water filled 6/9 of the way up, a cup of cranberry pomegranate blueberry plus, and a bottle of the HUGONOT pills!

Ease yourself into the tub of water, take only 11 of the 13 pills in the bottle with the cranberry pomegranate blueberry plus (pineapple, apple, grape, and orange juice is also allowed) and rest in the tub!

Now, ladies and getns, when you get out of that tub, you are aunt hug FREE ! To get this product for only $111.99, please call 1-800-333-HUGO! That’s right, only $111.99! This offer only lasts for the next 19 years, so CALL NOW !

Please note that HUGONOT is not responsible for any headaches, throwing up, canker sores, giant attacking birds, frenzies of pouring chocolate milk over your head, or cancer.

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