Life is Good

I usually hated coffee, but I was much too happy to hate anything.
“Ugh! Mondays!” My co-worker. I pretended to listen, mug rested on the table, pretend smile on my face. It was rude and unlike me, but she was complaining, as she usually did, and I was in far too wonderful a mood to let her negative energy get to me. I refused!
In truth, my thoughts were far away. I was sitting on a cloud with an enormous grin upon my face, breathing in bliss.
I was forcibly torn from my reverie by my co-worker, laughing raucously at her own joke. I smiled and gave a forced laugh.
“Well, I better get back to work,” she said, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah,” I smiled.
Waving her fingers at me, she said,”See ya later, alligator!”

Ah. Free at last! I walked over to the sink with every intention of pouring the toxic black liquid down the drain. I peered into my cup and my lips curved into a smile. I was feeling so wonderful, even my coffee smiled back.

“Life is good,” I said aloud, “Life is good.”

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