Sweat the battle before it sweats you(manwhore series)

It was the lake where my and Aydan spent many of our days together..

I sat down on the same big rock that me and Aydan sat on together. My hands ran through my hair, as I finally let it out.

I cried so much, cried for everything, I just broke down, the knot in my stomach tightened but it felt better. It had to have been hours, and the sunset was about to set.

Keiren hated me, Lark was on an hospital bed, she was dead to her parents, I had sick, messed up feelings for Shane, Aydan was gone, and I helped everyone but myself.

All those rushed out from my eyes. I felt so horrible, I cracked because no one was there for me.

I heard a rustle, and the crunches of the fall leaves, they were my favorite.

The person sat down next to me, fully aware I was in tears, broken, shattered. I just looked away

“So..who’s ass am I beating up today?” The voice said, it sounded so familiar..I looked up and…it was Aydan!

“Aydan!” I exclaimed.

“Hey..Lark called.” He said .

“Oh, what for?”

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