I'll show you how to love again, this is the best idea I've ever had(manwhore series)

“She knew you would be messed up right now, so quickly drove down here” Aydan said

“You forgot screwed up and completely miserable” I said

“Ha, ya, well you’re not the only one” He joked.

He wrapped me with his arms, and some of the broken pieces got put back together.

“Thanks, I needed that” I said looking up at him”Ha, I must look like a mess”

“Nah, you look beautiful”

“Atleast we’re both delusional”I said.

“Hey, if I was a girl, then I’d be totally jealous of you”He said.

We sat their quietly

“Aydan, I have to tell you something…while you were gone…”

“Ya…I know..”

“What?” I asked confused.

“I know you had feelings for him” He said sadly

“what? then why would you stick around?”

“Because I knew he broke you down..Lark told me everything..I thought I could help you love again…so I stayed, because I knew you clung on the past,Shane..but I hoped that they would go away” He said.

“I can’t explain how amazing, fantastic, sweet, adorable, sensitive—He kissed me

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