I was looking at the wall and repeating"I love you"(manwhore series)

I breathed through his lips and said”loving, I forgot that, and by the way, you did it, because I do love someone, more than anything, and more than ever”

“I love you” He said.

“I love you too”

The sky was dark except with the stars shining in them, just like the twinkle in Aydan’s eyes.

Once again, I wanted to Stay awake, I’m cleaning up mistakes I’ve made And replacing them with ones I’ve not made Yet

I held me, so tight, like he never wanted me to leave. My lips brushed against his neck.

Life’s not to so bad forever after all

And Hell’s not to bad if you have an angel with you.

I finally remembered why he was here.

“Aydan, aren’t you going to get in trouble? you got to get home..” I said reluctantly

“I don’t care right now” He said looking into my eyes

“Pey, I cant stand to be away from you, I’ll stay, only if you want me too, if -“

“Never” I cut him off” I want you forever and always”

“Always and forever is when I’ll be with you then.”

“I like that arrangment”

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