Let's make a teen love story with a happy ending(manwhore series)

Tomorrow was Saturday, that meant the whole day with Aydan..

But what about Lark? Keiren would be on the guard 24/7. I filled Aydan on all that happend.

“Wow, I leave you guys for one month and this is what happens?” Aydan said.

“Ya, guess you’ll never have to leave now..can you?” I said.

“Mmm…I guess let’s go see Lark, you know cheer her up.” He said brightly

“ and Kieren aren’t on the best of terms”I said.

“What do you mean, he’s like you son..” He asked confused.

“Um..well actualy he hates me right now”

“you? the girl who never does anything bad, unselfish, and helped everyone but herself?” he said shocked

“Ya..” I said

“Well, I’ll go with you” Aydan said.

“Thanks but he’d curse you out”

“He cursed at you?” Aydan said kind of pissed.

“Well, ya..” I explained him everything

“Oh, well..still, that gives him absolutel-”Aydan started

“ha, you’re biased..and so is’s okay”I said.

“Wow you’re amazing”

“You’re not that bad yourself”i said

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