Where Has the Bubble Gone?

Youthful energy
Endless curiosity
Juvinile trust

That bubble-strong dome of protection
We can’t see the darkness
The danger
That crouches in shadow just beyond that bubble.

Ah, me…
Where has the bubble gone?

There comes a time
When that bubble begins to deteriorate
Becomes thin
Wears in a few places
So some of that darkness
Starts to seep in.

From youthful innocence
We plummet towards the gutter
And what may lay beyond.

It was a sad day, indeed,
When the bubbles began to wear out.

Ah, me…
Where has the bubble gone?

I want to keep some of my innocence
I want to have that trust
I want to hold onto my curiosity

I don’t want the darkness
I don’t want the filth
That the world
Tries to feed us.

Ah, me…

Where has the bubble gone?

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