Realization of a Plot

My eyes widened; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
The sadism, the evil in this plot was enough to make the strong of heart shake in their skins; I wasn’t doing so hot myself.
I lunged back from the door, as if the evil within would seep through the door and scorch me. I scuttled backwards, finally rolling over and staggering to my running feet.
I had to tell someone.
But who would believe me?
Who cared? As long as someone knows…
In a daze, I heard a door fly open. There was some unintelligable shouting.
What happened was a bit fuzzy after that.
All I remember was a woman sprinting after me and lunging at my ankle.
I hit the stone floor hard.
I blacked out.

How long I was out, I do not know, nor remember.
But I do remember the bucket of cold water being tossed over my face. I sputtered back to conciousness. But when I saw the woman’s face, I instantly wished I hadn’t.

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