It's Always Canada

“Have you checked his office?” I said, removing the current issue of Mad Magazine from my forehead.

“Come again?” answered Seth, my brother, and information getter.

“Your ferret,” I replied. “Have looked for him in his office?”

“Hadn’t thought of that,” said Seth, rubbing the back of his scrawny pale neck. “Where’s his office again?”

“I’m surprised you don’t even know where your own pet’s office is,” I said, pointing to the tall closet in the corner near the window. “And don’t look at me like that. He likes it in there. Says it helps him concentrate.”

Seth slowly opened the closet door, finding Sammy staring intently at the stress ball that I had given him a few Christmases past. Only now did I remember the ball was a miniature globe.

“How’s it going buddy?” said Seth nervously.

Sammy did not look up.

“There’s some aliens asking for you,” Seth continued, his voice trailing.

Sammy shot a glance at me then back to the ball and it all became clear.

“It’s Canada,” I said, reaching for my pistol.

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