What Am I?

Oh, it’s a ring now, is it?

Gosh, I’ve turned into a featherbrained female.

If it’s one of my mother’s quotes that has stuck with me, it’s the one that always talked about life.

Kayley, you should never let a man rule your life – feelings, mind or heart. You can love him, yes. But don’t let it go further. Do not become dependent.”

I wholly agreed.

But what had I gone and done?

It’s like one of those horrid soap operas, or a cheesy romance novel where the girl falls in love with her best friend and then falls apart when he obliviously continues on to get his first girlfriend.

I just described my life, didn’t I?

Good God.


There you have it, on a silver platter.

Well, you know what? I should’ve told him earlier.

I was there when he was pushed down by the older kids; I know because I’m the one who got him up from the mud.

I was there when his mom shouted at him for bringing in a stray dog; I know because I convinced her to keep it.

I know what I am.

I’m not dumb.

I’m late.

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