Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 17)

I was more mystified than ever. “Where did you go to?” I inquired.
Essie had a far – off expression on her face.
“It’s hard to explain. But after a while, I started floating. Like a spirit. I floated out of my room in the house I was staying at, and above London. Then, I was floating above Pleasantville.”
My eyes widened, and I motioned for her to continue.
“But it felt like a dream. It didn’t seem real, and I felt as if I would wake up at any moment. But I didn’t. I felt very excited, yet tranquil at the same time. Then, everything faded into a beautiful mist. But I don’t quite remember what happened after that. The next thing I recall is being in a woods about a mile or so away from the clearing you and the other ficleteers were in. Mr. Lawver was there, and Casimir was beside me. He rubbed his eyes, for he was still sleepy,” Essie told us. “Well, I wasn’t expecting to be up at the crack of dawn,” Casimir commented. It was the first time I heard him speak.

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