Attack of the pink leather pants pt 3

Suddenly, my legs started to quiver. The pants tightened, and i had the uncontrolable urge…TO DANCE ! Why couldn’t i resist this urge to dance! All sorts of moves were coming from my body: tap, hip-hop, crunk, ballet, waltz, you name it. My legs pushed me out the door and into the street. This feeling was overwelming. I shuffled down the street leaping past pedestrians and buffalowing around by-standers. I couldn’t control it, and neither did i want to. I felt ALIVE ! My legs had a mind of their own. I came across some gang members. They were having some sort of party and were break dancing. I never had a competitive bone in my body, but all of a sudden i was compelled to approach these strangers. I went into uncontrolable spasms and before i knew it I was popping and locking and breaking all over the place. They all stared at me scilently. “Well, what do we have here” the leader said “some tough broad thinking she’s down with it? I think she’s challenging us for a dance off!” What the pants!

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