Office confusion

Two guys (Dougal and Ted) had just started in Acme Software. They were having problems installing the new ethernet system. Dougal decided to call tech support but didn’t realise that you needed to dial 9 for an outside line and instead called the receptionist sitting two desks over

Dougal: Hi, tech support please
Rcpt: What is it in connection with?
D: An ethernet system

She looks across and sees Dougal busy on the phone (surprise surprise)

Rcpt: OK, the guy looking after that is on the phone, I’ll get the other guy in that dept

Ted: Hi, can I help you
D: Yes I’m having problems installing an ethernet system
T: Wow, thats mad, so are we. What type is it?
D: Its a ###
T: Strange, thats the same type we have.

Long muddled conversation containing lots of “me too”s ensues

T: Listen we’re not making much progress, I’ll get the other lad to call you back, what’s your name?
D: Dougal Maguire from Acme Software

Cue the penny dropping and much hilarity at the expense of the two new boys.

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