Autumn Days

The leaves crinkled underneath their feet as they walked through the woods. Everywhere dazzling shades of yellow, orange and red glowed in the sunlight. Despite the slight chill in the air whispering of the coming winter, she was warm in her sweater and jeans. They walked in silence, and she could almost hear people harvesting maple syrup in the next orchard.

“Are you cold?” he asked drawing close and putting an arm around he.

“No,” she smiled back happily. “This is relaxing”

He smiled back at her too. “I’ll be happy to get back, though.
Your sister and mother will wonder where we got to.”

” Maybe, but if I know them, they’ll both be waiting for us with a cup of cider and an apple pie. You know how they get about desserts,”

“But that turkey nearly did me in as it was.”

He laughed gently and kissed her.

“Did you have fun?” he asked

“Yes, its always fun with you,” she answered

“Then spend lots of holidays with me,” he said pulling her close

She nodded yes. “I’d love to,”

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