Bringing the Battle to Krulltar

“Dang right it’s game over!” G2 cried, landing cat-like on the floor. Lone Writer, Fantasy, & Lil’ Krully followed close behind, brandishing fountain-pen-shotguns. OrangeOreos tumbled out of the air, landing flat on his face; he wobbled to his feet.
“How… how did you…?!” Punkin cried in dismay.
“Well, you slowpokes didn’t come to us, so we decided to come to you,” Lone Writer began, cocking her gun. “Aren’t we nice?”
“You ain’t gonna be so nice when we’re done with you,” Elsha hissed, her eyes meeting G2’s.
“Look,” Krulltar rumbled, “we’ll give you guys a thirty second head start down the mountain. But if you guys don’t split, I’m sicking the troll on you.”
Kevin Riely Thomas the 17th!” an ancient crone’s voice thundered from outside the cave.
Everyone on both sides froze in terror.
“Oh snap,” G2 muttered. “She’s pulling out the full name.”
An eight foot figure towered in the cave’s mouth.
No one had ever seen the great Krulltar shake so badly so as to create seismic activity.

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