Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous pt. 2

Fern watched Caitlyn and Lane eat their salads. Hey, at least they’re eating, Fern thought. That’s more then she could say for half the girls in her school. She stared down at her fries and coke. “Whatever,â€? she said, and dug in. Fern has curly red hair and purple highlights down to her shoulders and bright, green eyes. Her uniform was wrinkly. She was wearing a red necklace. After she was done her meal, she pulled a hair tie out of her JanSport backpack and tied up her hair. She saw her friend Joel out of the corner of her eye. “Hey, Joâ€? she called.
“Heyâ€? Joel replied. “Okay, you’re not gonna believe this.â€? she sat next to Fern and stole a frie. “Try me.â€? Fern said sarcastically. “Ok…â€? Jo began “So tonight at Rosco’s, you know, that club… Well, Brooke Trinity is playing there tonight!â€? Fern practically fainted. Brooke Trinity was her favorite singer in the whole world, and she was playing in New York tonight?! She had to go! “We’re going.â€? Fern said, just as the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

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