Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 20)

He really put me on the spot. Casimir had a quaint way of being rude, polite, poignant, and intent all at the same time.
“This isn’t about endings. It is about continuations,â€? I told him. He said nothing.
“This kinda reminds me of a soap opera. I really ought to read the story you guys are from. What’s it called?â€? Sam asked, lightheartedly.
“Residing Dreams,â€? I replied.
“What of the story that you are a character in? What is it about?â€? Casimir asked Seth and Sam curiously.
“Well, long story short,â€? BernerO began, “it’s about a boy named Seth who’s gay. Then he meets Sam, who is also gay. They fall in love. Sam’s dad died, and now his mom has a wacko boyfriend who is a total jerk. Seth and Sam help each other through the hard times,â€? he explained.

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