Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 21)

Essie’s face was glowing with interest and amazement. “Wow! I didn’t know that…I thought I was…well, God bless you both. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t tell anyone else about this, but a lot of crazy things have happened today. So one more isn’t going to hurt anything,â€? she started to say. Her voice got lower. “Well, I’m not, but my father, he is,â€? she whispered.
Sam grinned. “That’s quite alright, my friend. Around here, we don’t need to keep these kinds of things secret,â€? he told her.
“What time period do you reside in? I presume it may be a few decades ahead of us. I reckon that people have evolved more, perhaps, in the world. Or at least Essie and I hoped so,â€? Casimir said intently.
“We’re in the present day,â€? Seth said. “Good ‘ol 2008.â€?
“We’re living in 1989,â€? Essie replied. “You guys are,â€? she counted on her fingers, “19 years ahead of us.â€?

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