Long Live the Ficleteers!

“Uhm, hi!” I tried to walk in inconspicuously but those dang writers! Everyone looked at my late entrance and I marveled at all the people. Some I knew and just barely refrained sticking my tongue out at when they laughed. Others I had heard of and only stared at in awe. Still others were there and I blinked with the realization that these were really them. All of my many heroes and inspiration were here. I smelt the air and picked up the savory scent of food and smiled. I heard a tinkling of laughter around the room and quickly shuffled to my seat. All around me were legends. I greeted all of my friends and hugged everyone I had never met. My arms were sore. As I sat down I noticed something that made my eyes tear up and a small smile show on my face. Everyone had a writing pad in front of them and a pen with the words ‘Long Live Ficlets’ on the sides. I snuffled and choked back a big weeping fest. Then, I gracefully grabbed a plate of food, tripped, grabbed another one, and picked up my own pad. Write on!

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