Ficlets Farewell Party Challenge (pt 28)

As I sang the melodious words of Judy Garland’s song, I travelled back to my grandfather’s apartment. We had a going-away party for him, too, before he went to stay at a nursing home in Missouri. Everyone dies, I told myself. But those who are lucky get to live.
“Let each forsaken heart forget that it must beat, old friend. If we forget…if we forget—you…â€? To my astonishment, halfway through the song, I heard another voice singing along with me. It was sweet and pure, and it was the same one who had spoken the words, “Perpetually, eternally; always and forever.â€? I turned around to find Essie Miracle singing, her soft voice in harmony with mine. She was standing up, with her hand on her heart. I felt comforted by the unforgettable music, comforting my soul. Towards the very end, a few others joined in for the chorus. As I sang the last note and the music faded, the room was silent. No one spoke, but I doubt that there was a dry eye in the house.

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