Questioning the "Work Mode"

I smirked, recalling that familiarly-quirky memory.
“And you & I both know that I don’t have the average lifestyle.”
“Oh, do I know!” she laughed.
I paused. “I’ve just been confused lately, what with you & the spoons, & the whole ninja thing-!”
Lin held up her hand. “Well, y’know how you & Cricket have ‘work modes’? I guess I kinda have the same thing; only I never told you about it ‘til recently. I mean, this is what I’ve been doing for my whole life & never really questioned it. But now? Now I’m not so sure…”
“Do you like what you do?”
Her eyes filled mine. “I love what I do more than anything, but at the same time I don’t; y’know what I’m saying?”
I nodded, deep in thought. I slowly smiled.
“Maybe we can make things go back.”
She grinned. “I get what you’re saying.”
“We’ll have some strings to pull when we get back.”
“You mean you have some strings to pull. I have some strings of my own.” She jerked her head back to the stronghold.

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