Dealing Me In

I stand in light of the moon – the only thing producing any light around here, by the looks of it.

Good. That’s the way I like it.

“Man,” Aaron says, holding out a hand, palm upturned. Oh, that’s right. The cash. I peel a fifty off of the wad of bills in my pocket and hand it to him.

“You know the deal,” he says, voice flat. “Three o’clock and that’s it. I shut everything down.”

I nod quickly. I know the drill. The truth is, I feel like a junkie aching to get a fix. In a way that is exactly what I am. My palms sweat and my left eye twitches. Being this close to it, just standing here talking, is killing me. In a way, Aaron is my dealer. He fixes me up.

He positions himself in the booth and flips a switch. The dark night air is instantly filled with activity as the cars pull into the loading platform.

Oh, God.

I choose the last car, naturally. That’s where you get the biggest thrill, or so they say.

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