Cut the Lights

I walked barefoot through the forest, holding on tightly to Sophie’s harness.
All I could see through the darkness of my eyes were small flashes of sunlight dancing off the leaves, and at times this gleam would normally annoy me- but today I took in all I could. I had to see, even if it was only for the few months I had left of eyesight. I had to see before I went blind. If I didn’t get to see the sunlight bounce off my skin or the faces of people I would talk to in times to pass, I would die an uhappy person. It seemed like this was the beginning of the end- that everything I had experienced up to this point was just the rise, and now I had finally hit the climax. What would the rest of my life be until I hit the credits? Just a dark screen of unformable shapes?
If my eyes had the ability to, I would have cried.
The darkness had come down swiftly and silently, starting off as a small crouching monster of black in the corner of my eye. Then it grew, and left me wishing for that last taste of eyesight.

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