And you and I are meant to be so even if the world falls down today(manwhore series)

“Uh..Peyton”Kieren said, he looked so disheveled. always, he made fun of me for being so “Grimy” that was his word…he wanted me to look nicer apparently..

I was about to joke but decided it could wait.

“How’s Lark?” I immediately cut him off.

“Uh, she’s fine, she’s resting now, but, um..I jus …uh…wanted to sa-” I could see he was having a hard time with this.

“Hey, it’s okay” I said, I could feel Aydan’s Glare on me, it was saying “How can you let him off like that?”

“Kieren, do you need a ride home?” I asked.

“Ya, Im already in enough trouble..I can’t believe I have too..ugh..I’ll be here first thing in the morning.”

“Okay, can use my car”I tossed him the keys

Then Aydan and Kieren looked up at me and said in unison”You’re staying here?”

“Yes, I am”I stated flatly”Oh, sorry Aydan, you can go with Kieren if you want..Im staying here with Lark.”

“No, I think Im gonna stay here with you” He smiled

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