The Nerve of Some People

I sat in my room, abashed. I waited for Tristan to come in yelling and screaming but nothing happened. I pushed myself up off the bed and put my ear to the door leading into the hallway. I could still hear the party, my party, going on downstairs. It felt so unreal that so much could’ve happened and they were still partying.

“Hey, that’s mortals for you!” My heart skipped a beat and the earthquake spell I had recited earlier was halfway out of my mouth before I noticed it was Tristan. I stopped the spell and looked down, ashamed. However, there wasn’t a torrent of cuss words or even a disapointed tone. In fact, he seemed almost buoyant. “You showed remarkable talent today, Kyra. Just spectacular!”

I stared at him in disbelief. I destroyed an entire village and he was praising me? I was reviled by myself. He just grinned, though, and shook his head.

“You didn’t kill them, Kyra! You diverted the lava at the last minute. Kyra, you’ve passed.”

I was trembling and he had the audacity to laugh at me.

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