Love Yourself

This isn’t a story about a poor girl’s misery.
This isn’t a tale about a gay boy finding himself.
This Ficlet can’t make you lose weight, and it can’t make you popular.
It can’t bring back your dead family, it can’t help you take care of your newborn baby, and it can’t make you rich.

It can, though, teach you that humanity is pretty much okay, even if you’re flying solo or still stuck on the runway.
It can teach you that you aren’t alone, whether you feel alone in a crowded room or surrounded by family.
It can teach you to feel the sun on your back, the grass between your toes, and the warmth of caring people.
It can teach liars to be lovers and it can show you laughter is better than crying.
It’s all good luck in all our world- catching the green light right on time, passing a test, or discovering your favorite song on the radio.
It can teach you that you as a person are strong, independent, and beautiful, in your own way.
Are you ready?
This ficlet was made to tell you to be yourself.

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