To Anyone Who Reads My Stuff...


I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my work here on Ficlets. It saddens me that we’re all losing this wonderful community, but hope that we’re all taking steps to ensure we have creative outlets once AOL drops the axe.

I’ve taken the egotistical and self-absorbed step of publishing my first blog, where I hope to continue to express my thoughts online.

To anyone who’s actually enjoyed my work here, I would love for you to drop by and read my posts. The relationships we’ve forged with each other shouldn’t disappear because AOL lacks vision we all share.

So, the address is below. This will be my last post on Ficlets, and I hope to see all of your names in the comments on the new, silly, poorly-formatted, and free blog.

Thanks again for all the kind words of encouragement and criticism you’ve all offered over the past year on this wonderful site.

Best Regards,

Ben Laughter

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