g2's Recognitions: The Man

I have several people I consider to be The Man.
The Man, in my mind, must be consistent in his awesomeness, and more-or-less be rather prolific.
It usually helps if the person is rather humble.
Throughout this six month adventure, I have never been disappointed by several people.
To name a few:
Mighty Joe Young Many of his works have ranged from a bit… different to downright weird. But when I thought I had Mighty Joe figured out, he springs some kind of surprise. My cousin was in a coma from being shot in Iraq or you decide who the real villain is (paraphrased) is one such surprise.
Thank you Mighty-Joe (and I forgive your fictional [I think]cyborg-self for decapitating my fictional kung-fu self).

THX 0477 Pretty much ficlets royalty. I have never been disappointed by the quality of both his numerous ficlets and his infinate number of comments. Words aren’t very fit in this instance to praise the LoA’s Grand Awesome Marshall.
Thank you THX .

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