Shattered Rainbows (pt 2) Bad Day Challenge

It contained all of my giddy, stupid hopes that were no more than rainbows – exactly so! Rainbows. Views that were so clearly unrealistic and foolish to ever believe. It doesn’t even matter anymore though. Alas, now I mourn at the shattered rainbows.

It started out a normal fine day, and now I see it as sheer horrid irony. I had an appointment to talk to my theripist. There have been numerous things on my mind this summer, so there was so much that I needed to say. And so I spoke of my paranoia that things wouldn’t be the same with my friends, along with all of my other worries. Then, she told me something. My theripist said that she would be leaving to go take care of her father. She told me it was similar to when my mom was busy taking care of my grandpa. She wasn’t around as much.
At first, I didn’t fully understand. She said that I could still email her, and maybe once in a while she could come back and we could talk.

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