Shattered Rainbows (pt 3) Bad Day Challenge

I had been coming to talk to her ever since I was seven, and I found a sense of security and stability through seeing a theripist. Talking to someone besides Mom was a secondary referance that I could always fall back on. I bet you’re laughing now. Hey, look at me, I’m the crazy little girl who just lost her shrink! I never told any of my friends that I go to see a theripist, since they just wouldn’t understand. I didn’t need another reason for people to think I was strange; at least not in an insane way. But the truth is, I don’t think it’s someone’s fault if they have to see a psycologist. How is it? It’s not like I asked to have OCD and anxiety issues and everything. I just am…me. Suffice to say, I knew I couldn’t talk to anyone besides my mom about losing my theripist. If anything, I need people to think that I have it all together. After all, I think I do; more than some of my friends do, anyways.

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